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Vanessa L.
Union Bank, Product Manager
4 year degree in Chemical Engineering
Adobe Creative Suite
Project Mangement
Samantha N.
Bain & Company, Analyst
4 year degree in Industrial Engineering
Adobe Creative Suite
Microsoft Office
Financial Modeling
Andrew M.
McKinsey and Company, Business Analyst
4 year degree in Business Analytics and International Relations, Magna Cum Laude
DCF Analysis
Financial Modeling
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Most founders fail at hiring overseas talent.

We built a hiring process out of pure need. We then formed a product offering which stood out and outperformed our competitors.

Vany Jourian
Head of Care Operations
Abby Care
The hiring process with Catena has been straightforward and seamless. Their attentive approach to understanding our specific needs and preferences truly stood out. Communication within the team was great throughout, ensuring a cohesive experience. The candidate profiles presented were exceptionally well-crafted, including all the essential details we sought in potential candidates. We're really happy with how things have gone so far and can't wait to start working with our chosen candidate!
Geoff Rosenthal
Head of Talent Strategy and Culture
Next Step Talent
I appreciate the patience and flexibility that Catena displays throughout their selection process. This was a new and initially intimidating endeavor for our team. The candidate that we ended up choosing has blown away our expectations, especially considering we are a niche business.
Ruari Treuger
ATC Research
Catena gave us an impressive pool of candidates, which made our decision-making process pleasantly challenging. Each candidate had their unique strengths, making it difficult to choose.In the end, we found a great addition to our team, and everything's going smoothly!
Michelle Lee
Medra AI
With Catena, they started out by really understanding our needs with a thorough but also fast intake process. Within a week or so, we received five already qualified candidates, with a lot of information upfront on their skill level and capabilities.
Richie Cartwright
Co-Founder, CEO
Fella Health
Catena is superb. If you are a company who considers remote candidates and aren’t hiring across the world, you’ve missed the point. Catena bring you great candidates (top-tier PH universities) who are hungry, smart, and affordable. 100% recommend.
Jenah Bielza
HR + Recruiting
IF Labs
We hired Aizel through Catena 9 months ago and she’s excellent. She’s able to pick things up quickly and has become accustomed to our company’s needs in such a short period of time. She has the ability to adapt to new responsibilities and communicate progress on her projects effectively. She is also learning how to respond to candidates so that they have a seamless interview process. I appreciate her willingness to work on recruiting coordination and human resources support tasks.
Chris McCullough
VP - Sales & Marketing
Arcus Power Corp
Catena helped us quickly fill an executive assistant role. She onboarded quickly and since then, has taken over running the logistics of my and other C-suite executives' lives at our company. I have so much more headspace now to focus on sales and growth with the hire Catena found for us.
Joanne Papir
Darnel Fabrics
Catena takes care of all the work you would normally invest in screening and hiring an assistant. They make the process easy, and provide support step by step along the way. They provide quality applicants to choose from, which honestly makes the decision process about who to hire more challenging, but that’s the best problem to have. Catena gives you an opportunity to hire good help beyond what is available in the US. It’s my first time investing in having an assistant, and I greatly appreciate the value she adds to my business and my personal life.
Mike Ng
"I cannot recommend Catena’s services enough. The quality of candidates they were able to provide us with was unmatched. The EA we hired had high integrity, problem solving horsepower, and desire to deliver excellence. Consequently, she was able to upskill quickly and take a lot more work off my plate than I originally thought possible. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Catena for all of our company's EA needs."

Why Catena

The best candidates, no recurring fees, don't pay unless you're thrilled
The best candidates
The highest quality candidates wouldn't work for a middle man.

No recurring fees
If the placement process works, why would you need to continue to pay a middleman?

Don't pay unless you're thrilled
We build successful relationships. Our #1 goal is to make sure you don't need to hire, train, and dedicate your valuable time more than once.

Offshore Common Myth Busters

We've busted the most common myths and objections with hiring an offshore Operator
Myth #1

I can find candidates on my own through Upwork, Fiverr, and onlinejobs.ph.

The Truth
You definitely can. If you choose to spend the time resources to source, interview, and train candidates over a few months, all while navigating the vast pool of profiles, like many of our current clients you may come to the realization that the resources you're dedicating could be better utilized elsewhere. Over the course of several years, we have honed our hiring and up-skilling process while simultaneously developing valuable relationships and furthering our understanding of the culture in the country from which we recruit. As a result, we've built a recruiting process which saves clients hundreds of man-hours and significantly reduces the chances of hiring and training the wrong person.
Myth #2

The quality of an offshore Filipino contractor or employee is low.

The Truth
Top Universities in the Philippines produce high-caliber job candidates every year. While some online service marketplaces might prove that not all offshore talent is outstanding, the candidates who work with Catena come from the best universities, global brands, and growing startups.
Myth #3

I can't trust a recruiting agency.

The Truth
While many recruiting agencies will send around 3-6 resumes after a 15 minute call, we've built a very different process focused on multiple exercises, interviews, and free up-skilling education to help our top candidates hone in on their skills. Simply put, we're built different. After helping dozens of Y Combinator founders hire their ops teams with many of our hires being promoted to run customer support or operations for their early-stage startups, we founded Catena with the goal of aligning our candidate and customer interests for long-term success.

We’ve built successful startups in the US and Canada, and spent significant time learning how to not make the mistake of hiring the wrong candidates as it can cost you so much.
Myth #4

If this was a good deal, more people would be hiring Filipinos

The Truth
COVID and remote work opened up a new section of Filipino talent to international remote roles. Top tier-Filipino talent didn’t use to look for jobs online. Post-COVID they’re realizing this is an incredible opportunity. They’re now able to 1) earn 2-3x in wages, 2) save 2 hours a day otherwise spent in traffic, and 3) learn from top operators like you in a much less culturally hierarchical work environment.

In-Person US Hire

Two year estimated cost: $136,000

$60-100K in yearly salary
$8,000 placement fee

Middleman Outsourced Hiring Platforms

Two year estimated cost:

$36,000 in yearly cost
Up to $25K buyout fee

Two year estimated cost: $43,500

Avoid paying $1-2K in middleman fees every month.
One-time placement fee

Talent Guarantee

90 day guarantee. No questions asked, we'll replace a hire if needed and work to continuously tailor you're talent needs

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